About Us

We Love Goats

Moongate Farm Goat Rescue

We are a small 503c1 (pending) nonprofit rescue in South Central Virginia specializing in the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of all breeds of goats throughout the state. We will take goats who are unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected or mistreated and care for them until they are ready to be adopted into a new home. Our focus is education in making sure all goat owners understand how to keep their pet goats happy and healthy by offering information on our website, as well as hands on workshops and participating in community events.

There is a huge misconception that goats are ”easy” and you can simply throw them in a field to eat weeds and forget about them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we began raising goats it became apparent very quickly that there were a lot of things we did not like seeing in the world of goat breeders and sellers, and that there was a need for this service, as many goats are acquired as babies when they are small and cute, and then overwhelm their owners who are not prepared for them, or are victim of being weaned too soon and sold for profit with little regard for their well being. Many animals are sold while sick, which then go on to infect herds of unsuspecting new owners, or devastate them when they unexpectedly pass from the illness.

Our farm is supportive of small homesteads that continue to use goats for dairy and meat if treated humanely and are cared for with compassion. We ourselves have a small personal herd of dairy goats and produce a wide variety of goat’s milk products which are sold for donations to help support our rescue.

Our Goals

  • To rescue unwanted goats from owner surrenders, neglectful situations and auctions as able
  • To provide a safe home to rehabilitate these goats until a compatible loving adoptive home is found for them
  • To provide education to potential adopters and those interested in owning goats
  • To provide sanctuary for those goats who are unable to be adopted or to end the suffering of those that cannot be rehabilitated due to illness or injury by humane euthanasia

Services We Can Provide

  • Hoof trimming for goats or training for any new or potential owner to learn how to keep their goats feet healthy and sound
  • Banding for buck goat kids beginning at 12 weeks old minimum or adults of any age so that they can be adopted into homes as much gentler, mild mannered pets with no fear of any unwanted breeding.