Meet Our Goats

Here you will find our resident goats both rescues that find sanctuary here or those who are part of our personal dairy herd purchased before the decision was made to focus on rescue. All goats on this page are permanent residents here and are not up for adoption – but can be sponsored- See our support page for more details and enjoy reading about our herd.


Dreamer was taken in after she was originally sold to someone along with her buckling Cash who wrapped a leather belt around her neck and tried to tie her out. It did not work out and she was returned. We immediately took her and she is a friendly shadow to anyone who visits.

Lily & Layla

Lily and Layla were taken in from a beautiful farm that could no longer keep them due to Layla being an escape artist. They have sanctuary with us and will be permanent residents here on our farm.


Moonie Moon Pie was taken in from a group of goats at a location where they were confined to an extremely small dirty lot and were not given the care or attention goats require. Acid was used to attempt to burn off the horns of all of the goats and was unsuccessful, causing permanent deformity to the horns. Two of her herd mates, Willy and Wiley were rehomed successfully. Her mother was part of our permanent herd who sadly passed away from a rare genetic heart defect.


Valentine was our first goat who continues to live out her life happily on the farm. She is a gentle soul who started it all for us.


Luna is a small dainty little girl whose best friend is Valentine


Sunday was the first baby on our farm – her mom Nova was rushed to the vet in the middle of the night due to issues with birthing and we were told the baby probably would not be alive and the mother should be put down. We went ahead with a c-section and miss Sunday surprised us all.


Dutch is a mini Lamancha with a big personality. He came to the farm at the same time as Sable from an amazing breeder and is part of our personal herd


Apollo is a striking boy who is the lone survivor of a group of 4 who came to us extremely sick from an illness that took them quickly. The breeder did not know about this common illness in goat kids and was not aware her kids were sick. She was open to education and has hopefully changed some practices and husbandry at her farm.


Aurora is a cute little doe with an interesting coat to match her interesting personality. She spends most of the time with her sister Sage.


Sage is the sister to Aurora and they can usually be found together


Sable is a mini Lamancha who came to our farm from the same farm as Dutch and is part of our personal herd.